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Maxcom IP-VPN is a private, MPLS-based WAN service. It enables you to converge your wide area communications onto a single secure, resilient and future-proof IP-VPN.

More and more enterprises are putting unified communications and cloud computing at the top of the agenda. These services can transform employee productivity, help teams collaborate remotely around the world, and cut operational costs.




Maxcom Dedicated Internet: for powerful performance and productivity

Get a dedicated, fast, symmetrical IP connection to support demanding applications and keep your business connected. Maxcom proactively monitors your Internet access around the clock and offers features to help protect your critical business applications.



It does not matter if the workstations of your company are distributed in three offices of the same place, they can all work like one connected to the LAN to LAN network. In fact, it does not matter if the stations are in two branches of your business, located miles away, the connection will be guaranteed. Even if your business has work points in other cities in the country, your connectivity support is assured with the service and coverage provided by Maxcom.


Make the right decisions for your company and keep the entire workflow connected with maximum productivity through Maxcom’s LAN to LAN network.


Sonet SDH


Today’s high-speed networks are optical and are based primarily on two standards known as SONET SDH, which consist of fiber optic rings in which information is exchanged electronically at the nodes. SONET SDH are the dominant transport technologies in the metropolitan networks of today’s telecom service providers.

SONET-SDH are a set of standards for the transmission or transport of synchronous data over fiber-optic networks. SONET stands for Synchronous Optical NETwork; SDH comes from Synchronous Digital Hierarchy. Although both technologies serve the same, they have small technical differences, similarly with T1 and E1. SONET, for its part, is used in the United States, Canada, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong; While SDH is used in the rest of the world. SONET standards are defined by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and SDH by ITU-T (International Telecommunicatios Union)


Clean Pipe

Clean Pipes Clean and Manage your network by protecting it against internal and external security threats, by observing the behavior of your system, in order to determine with whom users communicate and how they do it.

Managed Services


All of our managed services are based upon best practice and are fully ITIL compliant. We can support numerous organisational elements.

Our expert Solutions Architects work with customers to comprehensively understand and help implement the best and most appropriate management solutions that you require.




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