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Wholesale Voice Termination

Our multiple interconnections make Maxcom the ideal choice for operators, mobile operators and retail service providers looking for high-end voice termination.

Maxcom’s voice services are focused throughout the Mexican Republic. Providing Voice Termination Wholesale through a complete network of direct routes to locations where Maxcom and its allies have presence offering termination of high quality voice traffic..


The Toll Free International Service enables business customers to accept long distance calls from numerous countries around the world at no cost to the caller. The number is provided in the country of origin and ends at the customer’s destination in the United States.

This service enables business customers to grow globally by extending the convenience of the toll free number, saving investment costs by allowing customers to concentrate operations in one place rather than duplicate efforts across multiple geographic locations.

Bulk SMS

BulkSMS has a wide range of SMS solutions and product features developed to meet all of your SMS messaging needs. Use the prompts below to select the SMS solution that suits your needs.


The easiest way to save costs on long distance calls: Convert all your calls to local calls. DIDs (direct inward dialing) are local numbers that you can choose to convert all your calls to local calls. Just request the city and we will route all your calls to your current destination using IP or TDM.




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Managed Services


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